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Port of Ruse-east




Port Ruse-east is officially opened for exploitation in 1976. Since its opening is signed a protocol for establishing a shipping line for transport of containers of 3 and 5 tons. The line starts on 1st July the same year. In 1984 starts a new line for big containers.

The port terminal Ruse – east is located on km. 489 - 490 in the Eastern industrial estate of the town.

This port terminal is the biggest in the Bulgarian part of the river Danube. It is also the only Bulgarian river port, where at high water level, river-sea vessels could be transshipped.

Port of Ruse-east is the only Bulgarian Danube port equipped for transhipment of heavy cargo units of up to 60 tons. It is also possible the processing of heavier cargoes or cargoes with big dimensions, with the help of a 100-tons floating crane.

The port is specialized for transshipment and storage of many types of cargoes - bulk and general cargoes, machinery, equipment etc.

  • Capacity

The port of Ruse-east has:

  1. Total area of 825 533 m2.
  2. 14 berth places
  3. Average depth of the firth at water mark 0 between 1m. - 2 m.
  4. 17 cranes with lifting capacity between 5 and 32 tons
  5. 196 300 m2 storage area:
  6. 15 800 m2 covered storage area
  7. 190 500 m2 open storage area
  8. Connection with the national rail and road network of Bulgaria

The port has a reserved total area of 825 533 m2 which gives opportunity for its future development. In the General plan of the port there is a territory specified for future constructing of container and grain terminal.

Weather - Ruse

Temperature: -17.8°C Humidity: %

Water Levels - Danube

Station Level Amendments


From 1 July can contact dispatchers port terminal Ruse East Email: dispecher-east@port-ruse-bg.com