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The city of Ruse is an ancient cultural and transport center of Bulgaria and the Balkans. The port, situated on the bank of Danube, has sprung up during the reighn of the Roman Emperor Vespassian (69 – 79), with the establishment of the castle and the naval station Seksaginta Prista.

Port Complex Ruse is a trade organization. Its head office is located in the city of Ruse. The Complex manages several of the basic Bulgarian ports on the Danube in Ruse, Toutrakan and Silistra. Their location is very favourable - they are situated on the way of the European transport corridors № 7 and № 9. The ports offer a convenient connection between the countries of Western Europe – Southeastern Europe – Asia – the countries in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, locked between the Black and the Caspian Sea (Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.).

For contact with the Complex:

Ruse 7000, 22 Pristanishtna Str.
e-mail: office@port-ruse-bg.com
tel.: +359 82 880-935
fax: +359 82 825-148

Weather - Ruse

Temperature: -17.8°C Humidity: %

Water Levels - Danube

Station Level Amendments


From 1 July can contact dispatchers port terminal Ruse East Email: dispecher-east@port-ruse-bg.com